AWS Reinvent 2016 Conference keynote highlights

I attended AWS reinvent 2016 conference at Las Vegas from Nov 28th- Dec 2nd. It was one of the best conferences and there were lot of learnings and takeaways.

Here are high level notes on new product announcements and AWS’s reference customers for 2016 including FINRA, MapBox etc.

Product Announcements

I have categorized product announcements in different categories.


  • Launched different EC2 instance family’s
    • Amazon EC2 C5
    • Amazon EC2 F1
    • Amazon EC2 I3
    • Amazon EC2 R4
    • Amazon EC2 T2
  • Launched ability to attach GPU’s like EBS volumes to EC2 instances known as Amazon EC2 Elastic GPU’s
  • We can create virtual private servers on AWS using newly Launched Amazon lightsail service
    • will compete with offerings of Digital Ocean and others.
  • Launched EC2 instance systems manager to simplify management lifecycle of system administration
  • Launched AWS Batch
    • Fully managed batch processing at scale.

SDLC Lifecycle tools

  • Launched AWS Code Build Service
    • Service for compiling source code and run unit tests
  • Launched AWS X-Ray Service
    • You can debug and monitor latencies
  • Launched AWS Personal Health Dashboard
    • Provides personalized view of services health


  • AWS Shield Service
  • AWS Shield Advanced


  • Launched Amazon Pinpoint
    • Analytics for mobile push notifications.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Introducing Amazon AI
    • Amazon Rekognition
      • Image analysis service
      • Provided functionality such as Facial matching, Object matching
    • Amazon Polly
      • Test to speech deep learning service
      • 47 different voices
    • Amazon Lex
      • Built natural, conversational interactions in voice & Text


  • Launched Amazon Athena
    • Interactive querying on S3
  • Launched AWS Glue
    • Fully managed ETL service in AWS
    • Kind of competitor to Informatica, Talend and others in the space
    • Introduced AWS Glue to build comprehensive data architecture.
      • Automated and Reliable Data Ingestion
      • Preserve original source data
      • Lifecycle Management and storage
      • Manage security, governance, security, privacy
      • Self service
      • Manage Data Quality
      • Preparing for data analytics
      • Capturing Data change


  • Launched Lambda Edge
    • Provides ability to run the lambda code at edge locations in serverless fashion.


  • Launching Postgres Sql support for Aurora


  • AWS Step Functions
    • AWS Step Functions makes it easy to coordinate the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows
  • Vmware Cloud On AWS - launched 6 weeks ago.
  • Launched AWS Greengrass
    • Embed in the devices
    • Local compute, messaging and data caching
    • Following device manufacturers will embed green grass
      • Intel, Qualcomm, Canonical
      • Philips
      • JPL
  • Launched AWS Snowball edge
  • Introducing Snowmobile
    • Moving Exa bytes of data will require 20 years via 10 gigabytes/second.
    • Using snow mobile, will take about 6 Months.

Customer spotlight

Highlight of keynotes were also their reference customers. Some high level detail below.


  • FINRA - processes 75 billions events per day. Processes same data as Visa processes in 6 months.
  • They are using HBase having 2 trillion rows.
  • Uses 10’s of thousand of nodes.
  • 2014 - 4 principles
    • Self sufficiency
    • Moore’s law
    • Open Source
    • Ground up / Rewrite - Cloud done right.


  • They open sourced Environment Manager
  • BusyBot
  • Transformed Monolith to Micro services

Federal government

  • Utilizing data from jail/crime to provide mental health support


  • Collect 100 Million miles of data everyday
  • By January, they will process 10 billion miles of data
  • Mobile Apps, Satellites

Version History

Date Description
2016-12-03 Initial Version