Interesting stats websites

This page lists down interesting stats websites. Internet Stats back to top Description Link Google usage stats Internet stats [Read More]

How to specify aws profile in java client code

AWS SDK provides easy way to switch profiles for local development programmatically if you are using non-default profile for your application. Problem Problem may appear in different ways Problem Connecting to DynamoDb: Unable to load AWS credentials from any provider in the chain OR Unable to find Resource... [Read More]

How to fetch all items from dynamo table using scan

Below is the quick example of iterating through all records in dynamoDB table using scan operation. As per amazon documentation, The data returned from a Query or Scan operation is limited to 1 MB; this means that if you scan a table that has more than 1 MB of... [Read More]

Azure cloud services quick overview

This page lists down category wise cloud services offered by microsoft azure platform. Compute Networking Storage Web Databases Security + Identity Intelligence + Analytics IOT (Internet of things) Enterprise Integration Developer Tools Monitoring + Management Compute... [Read More]

AWS Azure Google cloud services comparison

This page lists down cloud services offered by different cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc. Compute Networking Storage Web Enterprise Integration Security + Identity Mobile Databases Intelligence + Analytics IOT (Internet of things) Monitoring +... [Read More]

Maintaining code quality

Keeping code quality is utmost important to any developer / architect. However, being on top of it always is a greater challenge.So is there any easier way? As per my experience setting up right process and following simple practices really helps. Here are my most common observations and very minimum... [Read More]

Unix Commands cheat-sheet

This page lists down common unix commands I use in my day to day work. Environment Variables Commands How to find Unix version How to print all env variables How to set environment variables How to set system wide shell... [Read More]

Unix Commands cheat-sheet 2

This page lists down common unix commands I use in my day to day work. Disk space Troubleshooting How to see free and used space Sort the underlying directories by space usage Print file size in KB/MB Find 10 largest... [Read More]

Predicting salaries using Linear Regression

In Supervised Machine Learning, Regression algorithms helps us to build a model by which we can predict the values of a dependent variable from the values of one or more independent variables. For example, predicting future demand for a product based on previous demand. In this tutorial,... [Read More]

Tech News

This page lists down most common software tutorials list. Tech News Name Link Forbes Upcoming... [Read More]