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My favorite Software Blogs

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Different strategies to generate UUIDs

UUIDs are widely used in distributed systems from tagging objects with an extremely short lifetime, to reliably identifying very persistent objects across a network. UUIDs are of a fixed size (128 bits) which is reasonably small compared to other alternatives and hence is widely used for problems such as sorting,... [Read More]

Predicting passenger survival using classification

In this tutorial, we will use machine learning to predict passenger survival with R. On high level, we will take following steps to do the prediction analysis. Table of Contents Environment setup Reading the Titanic dataset from a CSV file [Read More]

Software conferences list

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Oktane-2016 conference notes

I attended Octane 2016 conference in Las Vegas in last week of August. Since this was my first okta conference, I was not aware of what is coming. Overall it went okay however I expected a lot from an Identity conference. I thought most of the sessions were targeted towards... [Read More]

HTTP2 protocol detailed overview

This page documents HTTP protocol evolution over the years and how HTTP2 will make applications faster, simpler and more robust. HTTP/2 Protocol Evolution The primary goal of HTTP/2 was to reduce latency by enabling full request and response multiplexing, minimize protocol overhead via efficient compression of HTTP header fields,... [Read More]

How to select database for your next use case

Being architect in 21st century is a tough job with the rise of so many databases and varied kind of persistent needs. No single database technology can meet every use case or satisfy every latency requirement. This blog acts as quick reference and provides considerations we have to keep in... [Read More]

Identity delegation evolution timeline

This page covers high level time line of identity delegation evolution in chronological order. Direct Password sharing (2005 and Earlier) Twitter, SlideShare, and other web applications used credential sharing to access third-party APIs. It was definitely insecure as the applications could have used... [Read More]

HTTP protocol timeline

This page covers high level time line of evolution of HTTP in chronological order. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) has been the internet backbone and widely adopted application protocols on the Internet. This page covers high level time line of different versions and features introduced... [Read More]