AWS cheat-sheet

Common AWS commands I use in my day to day work. Commands Add AWS profile aws configure --profile insightapp Configure AWS profile aws configure -- Add new profile aws configure --profile insightapp ... [Read More]

List of common software components and cloud services used by Modern Web apps

This article lists down most common softwares, cloud apps used in today’s web based applications. Source Code Management Github - Probably largest source code management system. Used by developers and businesses to build their projects. Bitbucket - Git for professional teams. Widely used by small teams, businesses. Provides ecosystem... [Read More]

Using Spring request scope beans instead of threadlocal

I was adding out of container integration test support to an existing project and noticed that application was using threadlocals in controller to get logged in user info. In fact, an application filter authenticates/identifies the user and put it in threadlocal for the rest of the application to use. It... [Read More]

How to attach UUID to your logs using SLF4J MDC

Most real-world distributed systems or even simple web applications need to handle multiple clients simultaneously. In such systems, auditing and issue troubleshooting & debugging becomes very important aspect. That’s where uniquely attaching a GUID for a given request becomes very important. It also helps in troubleshooting production issues. Ex. When... [Read More]

How to handle AWS connection reaper Error

Problem SEVERE: The web application [] appears to have started a thread named [java-sdk-http-connection-reaper] but has failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memory leak.” Root cause This issue is caused by AWS Java SDK Client library which starts a thread in the background... [Read More]

Linux namespaces and rise of the containers

Process isolation is not new to the unix. It has existed in different forms and flavors in unix systems. Following is the quick history: 1979 - chroot system call added which provided process isolation. Chroot was added to BSD in 1982. 2000 - FreeBSD introduced jails - an early... [Read More]

Software Standard bodies and Specifications

Standard Bodies Name Link ISO (International standard organization) IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) ANSI (American National... [Read More]

IETF Standards and Specifications

oAuth2 Standards Name Link The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework OAuth 2.0 Threat Model and Security Considerations OAuth 2.0... [Read More]